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Become a Certified Nursing Assistant 

Over the years Neslyn Health Institute inc. has helped countless individuals go on to become trained professionals as CNAs, Phlebotomist, EKG technicians and other careers in the medical field.  A combination of hard-work, dedication, patience and practice will help to propel you toward an aspiring medical career.  at Neslyn Health Institute we are prepared to accompany you on your journey to success.  We know we have the resources necessary to get you were you want to be.  Enroll in one of our courses now and begin your career today.

teaching methods

How Do We Teach?

At Neslyn Health Institute we have recognized that different students require different approaches to learning.  We specialize in diverse teaching methods.  Our more traditional students have always fared well with state testing and certification; To help assist our more unconventional students we have learning resources geared to expand memorization while keeping course content exciting and informative.  

North Carolina Board of Nursing
National Healthcareer Association

Classroom Instructions

We provide interactive medical classes led by experts, using engaging methods and real-world scenarios for a thorough understanding of complex concepts.

Specialized Modules

Our modules feature targeted, in-depth content that focuses on specific medical topics, enhancing your expertise in niche areas of healthcare.

Supervised Labs

Our labs offer hands-on learning experiences with expert guidance, enabling practical skill development in a safe, controlled environment.

Supervised Clinical Practices

We provide real-world experience under professional mentorship, bridging the gap between theory and practice in healthcare settings.



I have taken Neslyn's CNA 1 course twice.  I took it about 10 years ago but my listing expired.  The instructor really knows her stuff.  I am so thankful.  I will be taking some of the other courses they offer later this year.  Thank you Neslyn

—Adrianne from Greensboro, N.C

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